The Powerhouse

Produce your own energy. Avoid your utility’s ever-increasing rate hikes. Colorado is one of the best states to go solar! Use the sun to power your home or business.

Federal Tax Credit

Cash in with a 30% Federal Tax Credit for your solar energy system. Politics are unpredictable. Take advantage of government incentives while they are still available.

Utility Rebates

You can get paid to go solar, but these incentives may not be around tomorrow. Lucky for you, rebates are still available today. Enjoy the free money before it disappears!

Invest and Upgrade

Let’s face it. Renting energy is for the birds. Switch to renewable energy and add property value with your own power source. That’s better than putting your money in the stock market.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“Perfect. From the day I met with him until the day that we closed was approximately 5 days. Miles was very knowledgeable in the product that he is offering. He made sure that we were educated before doing anything. I did not feel like I was being sold to. I would and will refer Miles and Upslope Solar to anyone who is looking into solar panels or looking to save on their monthly budget. If you are looking to get an unbiased opinion about Miles’ company please feel free to reach out to him and he can put you in contact with me to tell you about my experience.” – Brian and Ashley Ensign


Affordable, Renewable, Clean Energy

  • $0 Down
  • Local install and customer service
  • 25-year warranty
  • Reduce or eliminate your power bill
  • Achieve short-term and long-term savings
  • Add property value!

Let us help you take a chunk out of your monthly utility bill. You may even generate enough electricity to get payback from your utility! Think that’s impossible? Think again. You own your solar panel system, which not only generates savings, but may also add substantial property value. Replace your power bill with our solar product which offers hefty returns!

The Upslope Solar Promise

Upslope Solar is a Denver-based company with local customer service. We will design the best solar system for the power needs of your home or business, concentrating on aesthetics and the best return for your investment. The install team (since 1996) has an A+ rating with the BBB and thousands of installs along the Front Range. We work with the installer to finalize the project in a timely manner and keep you informed on our progress, each step of the way.

Your Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority

Our company would not exist without happy customers. Your satisfaction is absolutely crucial to Upslope Solar, and we guarantee you will be excited with your product day one and into the future.

Call Miles today at (303) 223-2525! Schedule your free consultation to see if your home or business qualifies for solar savings!

We Cover the Whole Spectrum

Solar Energy is Our Expertise


Homeowners – avoid your utility, and take advantage of tax credits and utility rebates!


Commercial property owners – solar may offer unbelievably high returns for you. Contact us to learn more about the incentives.


Rural farmers – take advantage of extra government incentives. Your farm may qualify. Contact us to learn more about the incentives.


CONSULTATION: We meet the homeowner or business owner to determine how much money solar energy can save.


DESIGN AND PERMITTING: The system is designed to maximize ROI so you can meet your financial and aesthetic goals.


INSTALLATION: We complete your project, and your local jurisdiction conducts a final inspection.


POWERED ON: Your utility will install the net meter and production meter, so you can track your savings. Goodbye, old power bill!

We are proud to support a cleaner environment for Coloradans.

Solar is a popular alternative for saving money. Did you know that you also significantly reduce your carbon footprint when you own solar? Renewable energy is the clear choice for our future. We are your neighbors, and want to share clean Colorado air with you for generations to come!

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Why Solar?

All roads lead to solar - we set the standard

Switch to Renewables:
Save Your Money:
Enjoy Big Warranties:

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